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Get started with bitcoin in a easy way

Many people don’t know how they can get started with bitcoin, so most of them don’t start at all. This is too bad, since bitcoin has a huge potential and a small investment can stabilize a portfolio by its negative correlation with regular financial products. Furthermore bitcoin can cut transaction costs and make payments faster and easier. We will tell you how you can easily buy and store bitcoins without any technical knowledge.

Easy and secure

When you research how to buy and store bitcoins, there is a lot of information available, but most of it is complicated and requires technical knowledge about bitcoin. Some people just want to buy bitcoin without learning or understanding the technical background.

To be able to buy bitcoins you need a wallet. Security is one of the most important issues, and to secure a wallet in a proper way can be very complicated. This is where many people quit. However there is a very simple and extremely secure way: a hardware wallet.

A hardware wallet

A hardware wallet can be connected to your computer with a USB cable and contains a bitcoin wallet. This wallet can’t be hacked, because the information to sign transactions will be held in a secure environment permanently. When you keep this wallet in a safe, it is as secure as keeping cash in a safe and you can still make instant transactions.

A hardware wallet is available from 15 Euro (ORDER HERE), but there are also more expensive ones (COMPARE HERE). All you have to do is order a hardware wallet and instal it (it’s same easy as installing other software). Then you can send bitcoins to your wallet.

You can start with bitcoin in a very easy and secure way for only 15 Euro, without any knowledge or research. Everyone can instal a hardware wallet and HERE you can buy bitcoins easy and fast.

Start With Bitcoin
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