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Secure your Ripple (XRP) with a hardware wallet

Ripple is an altcoin specially designed to settle international transactions. The use of Ripple among banks is growing. By using this cryptocurrency banks can settle transactions faster and cheaper. Ripple is not popular by the crypto community.

ripple hardware wallet
Store your Ripple securely on a hardware wallet

However, there is a good chance that Ripple will grow through adoption by the financial world. When you plan to buy Ripple or you already own it, it is advised to store it on a hardware wallet that supports Ripple (XRP). This to ensure that it can’t get stolen by hackers.

Hardware wallets that support Ripple
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Hardware wallets that support Ripple

To store your Ripple securely, a hardware wallet is the best way. Using a hardware wallet you still will be able to make transactions. With other ways of cold storage this is not possible. These are the hardware wallets that support Ripple:


Ledger is a French company, one of the bigger producers of hardware wallets. Ledger created an app to store Ripple securely on the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Blue. You can download the app on the website of Ledger after logging in to your hardware wallet.

What is Ripple?

Ripple is a cryptocurrency that enables worldwide realtime transaction at very low costs. Ripple is created to be connected to the regular financial system and to apply to all financial regulations like KYC and AML. This makes it the perfect cryptocurrency for banks to optimize their international payment systems.

Investing in Ripple

The price of Ripple has skyrocketed over the last years. A big consortium of big banks is using Ripple already and this group is still expanding. This creates a huge potential for the future price of Ripple because banks own a lot of money.

The downside of Ripple is that it is not based on a decentralized blockchain, while decentralization is the most interesting feature of public blockchains. It is impossible for a centralized cryptocurrency like Ripple to become as secure as Bitcoin or another on Proof of Work based cryptocurrency.

This creates the vulnerability of hacks and theft. Because of this Ripple is not so popular in the crypto community, but it makes it a good investment to diversify your altcoin portfolio in order to spread risk. The most secure and easy way to store your Ripple is on a hardware wallet. Ledger is the only hardware wallet that supports Ripple at the moment.

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Ripple Hardware Wallet
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