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Keepkey hardware wallet

Keepkey is a physically large hardware wallet, but is easy to use and is very secure. In this locker you can store an unlimited amount of private keys. Well known wallets such as  ElectrumHardware Wallet and Multibit HD are supported. Except for  bitcoins, you can also store alt coins like Namecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Testnet and Lightcoin on the Keepkey hardware wallet.

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The producer of Keepkey
Safety measures of the Keepkey hardware wallet
Payment and delivery
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The producer of Keepkey

Keepkey is an American company, specializing in safe storage of blockchain assets and located in Washington State.

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Keepkey will become the only secure trading platform in cooperation with Shapeshift

Keepkey recently signed for a cooperation with the instant blockchain trading platform Shapeshift to integrate their API in the hardware wallet. This means that users can exchange all supported coins (more coins will be supported in future) securely within the Keepkey wallet.

The transactions to complete the exchange between coins will be carried out within the hardware wallet in an offline environment. This function is normally off and has to be activated when you like to use it. At the moment they are still testing, it will be on the market soon.

Safety measures of the Keepkey hardware wallet.

The Keepkey will give you the recovery seeds when you install the device. Furthermore, you have to set a password for access to your device. On the display for inserting your password, the numbers are changing location every time you log in.

Transactions will be safely signed inside the wallet and will be send via the connected computer to the Bitcoin network. This will ensure that nobody can access your private key, so it is impossible to steal your bitcoins. The private key will never contact the online computer, so even on an infected device you can make safe transactions.

Payment and delivery

The Keepkey hardware wallet will cost you 99 USD and can be payed using bitcoin or Paypal. Delivery in 5 to 7 days is free, in 2 days will cost 10 USD and for the next day 20 USD.

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Keepkey Wallet
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