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Ethereum hardware wallet

ethereum hardware wallet
Ethereum, the world computer

An Ethereum hardware wallet, a locker to store your Ether securely is also now available. Ethereum is afterHardware Wallet Bitcoin, the biggest and most famous cryptocurrency. In the years to come, more interesting applications on the network will be available because of the huge potential of Ethereum. The most respected Bitcoin hardware wallets now are also supporting Ether.

Where can i buy an Ethereum hardware wallet?
What is Ethereum and what is Ether?
Investing in Ethereum

Where can i buy an Ethereum hardware wallet?

The best and most respected producers of hardware wallets that have years experience in securing bitcoins, now are also supporting Ethereum. Ledger and Trezor are using ‘Myetherwallet’ to store Ether. You use the hardware wallet to open the wallet in a secure environment and sign transactions. The advantage of using ‘Myetherwallet’ is that you can store coins of applications and DAO’s that are build on the Ethereum network (e.g. Augur and GUP) also secure on this wallet.

Ledger hardware wallet

Ledger is the best choice when you want to store your Ether securely. Ledger offers the least expensive Ethereum hardware wallet and the most advanced as well. The least expensive hardware wallet for Ethereum is the Ledger Nano S. This device is available for only 69,60 Euro. Beside Ether you can also store bitcoins and some altcoins on this hardware wallet.

The Ledger Blue is an advanced hardware wallet complete with bluetooth and touchscreen. This hardware wallet is like the Ledger Nano S designed to store Ether, bitcoins and some altcoins, but has more security options and more possible applications.

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Trezor hardware wallet

Trezor is a reliable hardware wallet. A Trezor wallet costs 99 USD and is heavily secured. The methods used to secure your Ether wallet are of a military grade. You can decide yourself how many security measures you want to take. Trezor has grown up in the Bitcoin industry, but recently also supports Ethereum and other altcoins.

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What is Ethereum and what is Ether

Ethereum is a crypto currency specially designed for smart contracts and DAO’s (decentralized autonomous organizations). This is also possible on the Bitcoin blockchain. Ethereum is specially created for this purpose, so is called ‘Bitcoin 2.0’ or ‘The World Computer’ as well.

Ether is the currency that is used to run the Ethereum network and can be minted and traded like bitcoin. As Bitcoin, the value of Ether has seen an enormous rise because of these gains in value Ether is also bought by investors. Part of these investors are not using the applications of Ethereum.

Investing in Ethereum

Recently Ethereum became very popular by investors. The technology is very promising and the price had seen a giant rise till now. Very interesting applications can be created using smart contracts. Many companies over the globe already adopted it.

The technology is still in it’s infancy. When this trend goes on there are big profits to be made in the future, This said it is important to know that Ether is not designed as an investment currency, still the supply is not as strict as the supply of bitcoin. Furthermore there are 2 projects underway (Rootstock and Counterparty) to run smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain. This can be a future threat for Ethereum, because it will bring some serious competition.

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