Bitcoin Private hardfork by Zclassic

Zclassic is planning to launch a hardfork to create Bitcoin Private

Zclassic is a fork of Zcash that removed the fee for the developers. Zclassic is now planning to launch a hardfork on top of Bitcoin. In this hardfork the database of Zclassic and Bitcoin will be combined and the technology of Zclassic will be added.

bitcoin private
Bitcoin Private will be a hardfork of Zclassic on Bitcoin

When this fork occurs both holders of Bitcoin and Zclassic will get the exact amount of Bitcoin Private as they are owning the legacy coin during the fork. The total supply will increase quite a lot, but most likely the overall effect on the price will be positive because of the changing fundamentals.

What is Zclassic?
What is Bitcoin Private?
Is the Bitcoin Private hardfork interesting?
Investing in Zclassic or Bitcoin Private
Bitcoin Private hardware wallet
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What is Zclassic?

Zcash is a cryptocurrency that was launched about a year ago and based on the code of Bitcoin. Because ‘zero knowledge proof’ was added Zcash is extra focussed on Privacy. This coin became very popular because it was developed by a highly respected team, but not everyone was that positive about the project because 20% of the mining reward is forwarded to the development team.

Zclassic came into existence by a hardfork as an answer to the high development reward. Zclassic is a copy of Zcash without this reward. This means that miners will get their full share.

What is Bitcoin Private

The Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold hard forks were both successful and brought a lot of attention to the project and attracted many new developers. To follow up with this trend Zclassic is planning to create a new cryptocurrency Bitcoin Private. This new cryptocurrency will come into existence by forking off from Bitcoin. Owners of Bitcoin and owners of Zclassic as well will receive the same amount of Bitcoin Private as their stack of legacy coins during the fork.

Is the Bitcoin Private hardfork interesting?

This hardfork could be very interesting because it is the first time that an altcoin expands its market by launching a hardfork on Bitcoin. When this fork is successful it is very likely that both coins will profit.

The demand for Bitcoin can greatly increase because holders will receive free coins regularly. Also the designated altcoin will profit because almost all hard forks of Bitcoin were able to reach the top ten of market capitalization at the start!

Furthermore privacy is currently a hot item in the cryptocurrency world. It is expected that some governments will implement stricter regulations after the extreme rise of cryptocurrencies in 2017. So it is likely that 2018 will be the year of privacy coins. When Bitcoin Private is able to become the biggest privacy coin through this hardfork, they will probably be the one to profit most from this hype.

Investing in Zclassic or Bitcoin Private

The market capitalization of Zclassic is 66 million dollar at the moment. This is very small compare to the billions of the other hard forks. This means that Bitcoin Private in case of a successful launch could be set for a huge price explosion!

This is how you can profit from a Bitcoin Private hardfork

There are two ways to profit from the upcoming hardfork. The most potential option is to buy Zclassic. When the hardfork is successful the price is likely to skyrocket. However, this is also the most risky option, because the fork is not yet sure and a success is not guaranteed. Because the price has risen a lot already after the announcement it is likely to crash when it get canceled or turns out to be successful.

The potential of Zclassic is huge

The price of Zclassic is about 36 USD at the moment and there is a supply of 1.8 million. 16.7 million coins of Bitcoin will be added, so after the fork there will be a supply of 18.5 Bitcoin Private.

With the current price the market capitalization will be 18.5 million x 36 = 666 million. 1% of the market capitalization of Bitcoin is 2,4 billion. this means that for a value of 1% of Bitcoin the price will have to quadruple. When you realize that Bitcoin Gold entered the market with a value of 2% of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash even 8% there is a huge potential when the launch is successful!

At the moment you can buy Zclassic only on Bittrex and Cryptopia. However, Bittrex doesn’t allow new users to create an account at the moment, so Cryptopia is the only option.


More safety but less potential by owning bitcoins

Another way to profit from this hardfork is by owning bitcoins. For every BTC you have you will receive a Bitcoin Private. Because the price of Bitcoin Private will probably only be a fraction of the price of Bitcoin the profit is limited, but the risk is also very small.

Also owning Bitcoin could be very rewarding in the long run, when it is successful other altcoins will follow and deliver more free coins. Beside that you can claim all the other planned hard forks too!

Bitcoin Private hardware wallet

When you want to be sure that you are able to claim your Bitcoin Private it is advised to store your bitcoins on a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor before the fork. When Bitcoin Private is successful the hardware wallet manufacturers will probably implement support with relative ease because Zcash is already supported and the code is almost identical. When support is implemented you will automatically have a Bitcoin Private wallet after the next update.